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Inner Power that Drives Us

By on Feb 1, 2016 in Life Coaching, Motivation, Self Improvement |

We can say that motivation is an inner power or an energy we have that drives us to do something. An athlete has motivation to win a game. The businessman has motivation to make more money. Without ambition or drive there’s no motivation to do anything. Motivation is often centered on completing something extremely vital, such as reaching your goals or dreams in life.

You may in fact have the desire and excitement to get a task done but you lack the motivation to see the task through or even start it. When you don’t have enough motivation you lack the drive needed to complete any tasks, even the most simple ones. When you have the drive and excitement, you will have initiative, direction, energy, and courage to see through to the completion of your goals.


When you have clear visions and defined goals then it’s easier to find the needed inspiration. It will greatly enhance the chances of you taking action and work hard towards that goal.

You need to study hard to get good grades, you need to practice more to be a good musician; you need to train hard to become a powerful athlete; you need to spend hours researching before you can make a best hunting knifes comparison to your friends. All of these tasks require motivation and without it you will have difficulties accomplishing them.


To find motivation you need to have confidence & faith in your abilities and know that your abilities can get you to the place you want to be. If you push yourself forward by staying true to your goals. You’ll end up achieving abundance. Motivation is one of the keys we need in order to be successful. Let’s take “becoming a lawyer” for an example, if a lawyer doesn’t study and work hard towards becoming a lawyer by using motivation as a driving factor he/she won’t become a licensed lawyer.


One cannot just sit there and expect something to happen. Many times, in order to achieve our dreams, we need to give ourselves the needed inspiration, for this instance, the students who are dreaming of becoming a lawyer will give themselves inspiration and motivation by visualizing the huge amount of money and all of the luxurious toys (dream car, house, vacation and so on) they’re going to make in the near future.


Motivation is the drive and desire to reach for something that we want so dearly. If we work towards that goal by giving ourselves inspiration to complete it then we can easily and tremendously increase our chances of accomplishing just about anything we want in life.

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